Before You Go

Before You Go

Essentials to bring

First-aid kit and prescription medicines

There is no pharmacy or resident doctor on the island. The Queensland Ambulance Service operates an office at Tangalooma Resort and has trained paramedics available. Bring adequate supplies of any prescription medication you need and a well-equipped first-aid kit. It’s always wise to have at least one person with a current first-aid certificate in your group.

Drinking water

Bring your own water and containers. Water can be collected from the Big Sandhills on the western beach, the Rous Battery and Eagers Creek on the eastern beach, and also at all established campgrounds. Always treat water before drinking. Pack water treatment tablets or boil water for at least 10 minutes. Use water sparingly and consider other campers.


Bring your own garbage bags and sealable containers for rubbish including small containers for cigarette butts and bottle tops. Always extinguish cigarette butts. Don’t discard the butts on the island, unless in a bin. ‘Pack it in and pack it out’.

Gas or fuel stoves

Bring a gas or fuel stove and/or firewood. Open fires are not permitted at The Wrecks and North Point campgrounds. Test your stove before leaving on your trip. Never use them in confined spaces such as tents.

Vehicle recovery equipment

All vehicles must have rated shackles and the basic recovery equipment such as a tyre pressure gauge, shovel, towrope or traction pads. Recovery of bogged vehicles is the responsibility of the driver. A private vehicle recovery service operates on Moreton Island. Contact Moreton Island Recovery Service: Lindsay – 0414 949 876 or (07) 3408 3545 or John – 0475 563 642 or (07) 3408 3930.

Extra hints

  • Sand pegs, tarpaulins, extra poles, ropes and torches come in handy.
  • Mosquitoes and sandflies may be present in large numbers, so bring insect repellent with you. Remember to wash any repellent off before swimming in creeks or lakes as it is highly toxic to our endangered native fish, even in low quantities.
  • Mobile phones may have limited range. Consult your service provider.
  • Bring sealable containers for rubbish.
  • Bring small sealable containers for cigarette butts. Always extinguish cigarette butts. Don’t discard the butts on the island, unless in a bin.
  • Don’t bring firearms or fireworks; they are not permitted in the national park or recreation area.
  • Don’t bring chainsaws, they cannot be used.
  • Only low decibel (dB) generators with a maximum of 60dB can be used between the hours of 8.00am and 7.00pm.