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Camping Experiences on Mulgumpin (Moreton Island)
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PLEASE NOTE - A fire prohibition has been declared by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) as of Thursday 3rd December 2020 until further notice. This includes woodfires, open campfires, drums, other containers and QPWS supplied fire rings and BBQ's. Penalties may apply for non compliance

Please note - We are fully booked from the 20th December - 5th January and at some campgrounds longer. Please ensure you have a booking before you arrive to the island.

Yura (welcome)

Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) provides a variety of coastal camping experiences, some accessible by 4WD, others accessible by boat or close to barge landing points. A vehicle access permit is required to drive on Mulgumpin (Moreton Island).

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A camping tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site at all times. All camping permits must be obtained before you arrive on the island (there is no self-registration on site).

You can camp in the five campgrounds and five camping zones along the beach. All camp sites are marked with a totem. Camping is permitted at a number of sites behind the foredunes. Protect the dunes by using existing camp sites and access tracks.

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